ICCV'19 Autonomous Driving Workshop

The Autonomous Driving Workshop at ICCV 2019 has been successfully taken place on Oct. 28 in Seoul. Thank you to all the invited speakers, authors, presenters and the audience. We are looking forward to meeting you again next time.

Visit of Fisher Yu

Yesterday, on July 31st, we welcomed an honorable visitor at our lab, Fisher Yu.
After he gave an inspiring talk about his current work at Berkley DeepDrive, we gave him demos of what we are working on.
Everybody here is excited about him joining the lab as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Computer Vision towards the end of 2020.

TRACE   Workshop 2019

Two weeks ago, on July 1st, part of our team and I had a fun and memorable trip to Leuven for the yearly TRACE workshop. We had great discussions with people from other project partners, and enjoyed fantastic Belgian beer and food.